Declaration of Content

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You either got to this page by clicking a hidden link on a dot, full stop or a comma, or you got here after you inspected a specific blog post where this link was hidden into.

I, Renee Matt, started Everything Pantry dot com in 2007 at which time I sold a popular download named “The Complete Pantry Guide.” The EP site was substantially updated in 2022.

In a strange series of events, my domain was accidentally sold, and all of my content stolen in December of 2022. The week of Christmas, out of necessity, was born, bringing my established and original content over to it. Sadly, I expect the new owner to attempt to republish my original content as theirs, and I will continue to dispute it to wherever host the EP site moves to.

Declaration of content:

Every article written at my former website Everything Pantry dot com and now is originally written by myself and my team and may implement hidden ‘gems’ in order to trace down content stealers. We also comply with the TOS and Privacy Policy and we are not using this hidden page in order to trace or build hidden links to trick search engines. Once more, the purpose of this page is to trace down content stealers and to take actions against them.

This should be a no-index page and there should be no other ways to access it other than the ones specified above. If for some reason you got to this page by any other means, please contact so we can fix this.

If you need more information, please contact us via the Contact Us page. 

Thank you for respecting our hard work!
-Renee, editor of